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After the surrender of the Dutch Army, of which he was a member, Pleun Verhoef managed to escape to England, by way of Belgium and France. After being placed in a tented camp at Porthcawl, Pleun was moved to Congleton, and then on to Wrottesley Park (near Wolverhampton). At Wrottesley Park, Queen Wilhelmina issued the colours of the Royal Dutch Brigade Princess Irene on 27th August 1941. Pleun joined one of the units within the brigade, the parachute unit. He passed through his training, getting good marks for his five training jumps. He progressed, earning his corporal's stripes on the way, to training with explosives during October 1941. On 2nd April he left the brigade to go on for training wit the SOE as an agent, but ended up working for the Dutch BBO organisation.


Pleun Verhoef


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